Insurance offers

For Companies

Running a business involves some risk. This may be a risk of injury in the workplace or negligent injury to another person. The cost of restoring fully operational production facility, shop or office can undermine financial stability of the company.

As owners of the company can take care of:

Insurance buildings and structures, machinery, equipment, working capital and capital expenditures, property of other people and property staff.

Insurance electronic equipment (all risk).

Insurance civil liability, including liability for damages caused by tenants in rented buildings and premises.

Insurance from the consequences of unfortunate accidents.

Insurance assistance.

Insurance machinery breakdown.

Insurance goods in transport.

Insurance from surges caused by every change of voltage.

Insurance in case of damage caused by forklifts.

Insurance guarantees: bid bond and performance bond.

OC (civil liability) business

OC (civil liability) professional

OC (civil liability) freighter

OC (civil liability) doctors

OC (civil liability) pharmacies

OC (civil liability) construction and repair companies

OC (civil liability) personal

OC (civil liability) teachers

OC (civil liability) instructors

And many others

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