Insurance offers

Agricultural Insurance

Compulsory insurance of agricultural buildings and OC farmers is not enough. It should ensure comprehensive protection of agricultural property./p>

Household movables and solid elements, such as :

- freestanding furniture in the building,

- electronic equipment and household appliances,

- sanitary fittings and other equipment, which are not protected under the compulsory insurance of farm buildings.

Equipment (equipment sheds) and tools, ie .:

- drinkers, sorters,

- blowers, milking machines, and other equipment to facilitate the work on the farm.

Agricultural products (crops) materials and supplies include:

- crop yields,

- fertilizers and pesticides,

- seeds and seedlings,

- boxes for agricultural products.

Farm animals:

- cattle, poultry, horses, cats, rabbits, sheep, pigs.

Machinery (equipment) - AgroCasco:

- combines, harvesting,

- plows, cultivators, harrows, and other machinery for the production of agricultural or farm management.


- liability for the provision of tourism services on a farm,

- liability in private life,

- accident insurance (NNW).